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Family Time


  • KIDS TURN Kids' Turn is renowned throughout the United States as a leader in divorce education for children and parents. The goal of Kids' Turn programs is to help minimize the negative effects of divorce on children. The programs are educational (not therapy) focusing on skill building and positively affecting each family's ability to manage the changes created by divorce or separation.

  • SPLIT is a deeply personal film that explores the effects of divorce on children. The film features twelve children aged 6-12, who explore the often frightening and always life altering separation of their parents

  • Parent News Clearinghouse for exchange of information among parents.

  • Parents' Place Look under the Family section for a listing of topics including divorce, single parenting, bereavement, etc. Chats and message boards on specific topics are listed in this area. Parents can search for information on a particular issue and a list of previously answered questions will be listed. Therapists answer the questions. Many other health-related news articles are reprinted here.

  • Teens and Pre-Teens: Practical Help for Parents. Founded by adolescent specialist Michael Y. Simon, MFT, a high school counseling director, noted speaker/educator and psychotherapist in private practice, Practical Help for Parents provides real-life solutions as you parent, suport and understand the teens and pre-teens in your life.

  • Our Family This Bay Area organization for gay and lesbian families offers regular family gatherings and support groups. The site has information about the organization as well as links to other sites specifically related to LGBT families an general parenting issues.

  • UC Berkeley Parents Network This is a parenting website run by volunteers at the University of California at Berkeley. While some of the information about resources is local to the East Bay, much of the parenting information is relevant for parents anywhere. There are sections on childcare, medical, school and therapy referrals, as well as recommendations on products and family activities, and extensive, culturally diverse discussions about different aspects of parenting (including divorce). Past discussions are easily searched for a given topic.

  • CHADD This is the site for Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. It provides information about the organization, AD/HD, school discipline, and locating local chapters.

  • Hand in Hand Parenting Club a nonprofit agency, offers workshops, booklets, and audio-/videotapes for parents seeking to strengthen the parent-child relationship. 

  • Care Guide Offers referrals and articles related to childcare and eldercare. Local childcare referrals still being developed.

  • A Parent's Guide to Child Safety Ask any parent what their number one priority is, and they will likely say the health and safety of their children. And as family dynamics continue to evolve, fewer than one in three children have a full-time stay at home parent.1 As a result, many working parents are forced to find a form of organized childcare, including day care centers, nurseries, and babysitters. However, how can parents rest assured that their children are in the best, most competent and capable hands?

  • Teen Internet Safety Guide  Tips, techniques and advice about how to protect your teen from a whole host of dangers, including fraud and identity theft. This guide will help you teach your teen safe social media behavior and help him or her avoid cyberbullying. Plus, you'll discover the best ways to safeguard your teen from the threats posed by email, instant messenger, and chat rooms.

  • How to Spent More Quality Time With Your Child Although the days with little kids often seem long, the years fly by. Use this practical and purposeful blueprint to savor the moments you have together

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