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Mediation is essentially a conversation that is facilitated by a neutral third party between two people who are looking to create an agreement.   The parties, rather than the mediator, make their own decisions. 



Mediators are neutral legal, financial and mental health professionals who can help parties create agreements of many kinds. The mediator is not aligned with a party, favors neither side and is uncommitted to any particular outcome or result.  

There does not necessarily have to be a dispute.  For example, mediators can help an engaged couple plan their financial future with a premarital (“prenuptial”) agreement, help a married couple restructure their financial future with a postmarital (“postnuptial”) agreement or help a couple who are living together to organize their financial lives with a cohabitation agreement. 

Mediators can help separating parents with their parenting plan, and separating partners with their cashflow, their understanding of their finances, their financial future, the separation of their assets, and/or their final Marital Settlement Agreement.

Marital Agreements
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