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Family Dispute


  • California Divorce Guide Top quality family law guidance for people without attorneys.

  • MAKING MARRIAGE LAST "A Guide to Preventing Divorce" can be ordered at the AAML national website or by calling 1-800-422-6595 : this booklet is premised on the belief that "..divorce isn't always the answer. Though some marriages should be abandoned...many "unsalvageable" unions can be saved. If you are willing to devote some time and energy to identifying and correcting the problems in your marriage, chances are, you can avoid the financially and emotionally draining process of divorce."

  • Smart Marriages "... all couples disagree about all the same basic issues - money, kids, sex, housework, in-laws and leisure time. The difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is how they handle their differences. Successful couples disagree in a way that makes their relationship stronger. They also have other skills and attitudes which help them build long-term happiness and satisfaction. The good news is that anyone can learn to do it better and smarter. . ."

  • Nolo Press Since 1971 Nolo Press has published top-quality legal tools to give all Americans affordable legal access. Here you'll find free information on personal, consumer and business law.

  • Divorce Net This Nolo Press site offers daily and weekly Q&A sessions with legal and mental health professionals, as well as interactive bulletin boards/chat rooms. Resources are listed by state.

  • Divorce Online This web site provides numerous articles, some better than others, about the impact of divorce on children and parents. The article on dating is particularly good. It also has a book review section, question/answer area (which includes legal, financial, psychological, and real-estate information), and a chat area.

  • Divorce Central This site offers fairly extensive information about legal, financial, parenting and other aspects of divorce. The Expert Online area offers weekly in-depth explorations of specific topics by professionals; past appearances have been archived and can be read. The Total Parenting Handbook section of the site offers sound advice on parenting as a divorced parent.

  • KIDS TURN Kids’ Turn is renowned throughout the United States as a leader in divorce education for children and parents. The goal of Kids’ Turn programs is to help minimize the negative effects of divorce on children. The programs are educational (not therapy) focusing on skill building and positively affecting each family’s ability to manage the changes created by divorce or separation.

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