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Core Principles of Collaborative Practice

GENERALLY: Collaborative Practice in its various permutations and hybrid formats is a principled, respectful way for couples to negotiate many types of agreements. Prior to proceeding, the professionals should first discuss alternative process options with the couple to help guide them in choosing the appropriate process. If the couple chooses Collaborative Practice, the following core principles must be honored:

  • The couple must respect each other’s goals and priorities;

  • The couple must provide full, open, voluntary, prompt and honest disclosure, and must update information as it changes whether asked to or not;

  • The couple must engage in honest, good faith, interest-based negotiation;

  • The couple will consider creating a multi-disciplinary team appropriate for their unique challenges;

  • (If children): Parents must focus on their children’s best interests in a way that promotes a caring, loving and involved relationship between the children and each parent both now and in the future;

  • All professionals will be disqualified if either of the parties resorts to adversarial proceedings (litigation)

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