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jennifer jackson



collaborative FAMILY law





I am a Certified Specialist in family law, practicing 

alternative dispute resolution (mediation and collaborative law) exclusively.  I am committed to keeping clients out of court and at the negotiating table.


Before becoming a family lawyer in 1985,  I  was an illustrator and photographer, raising three children. Blending this background of creativity, caring and flexibility with my legal training enhances my practice of family law and expands the options for my clients. 



How Can i Help You


I can serve as your mediator, as your advising attorney in a mediation, or as your attorney in a Collaborative case.


Mediation and Collaborative Practice are ways for you to resolve disputes respectfully -- without going to court.  In both, settlement is the top priority. In mediation, an impartial third party (the mediator) facilitates the conversation and assists the negotiations of both parties toward settlement. In Collaborative Practice, your lawyers are present during the negotiation process, and you are encouraged to build a team of professionals to help.  


Both Collaborative Practice and mediation rely on voluntary, free exchange of information and commitment to resolutions respecting everyone's shared goals.  In both, the clients control the outcome and create the options for settlement based on their own standards of fairness.  Both processes are terminated if either of you resorts to litigation, so there is a great deal of incentive to stay out of court.


The guiding principle of  both mediation and Collaborative Practice is respect. This respectful tone encourages you to show compassion, understanding, and cooperation. Mediators and Collaborative professionals are trained in non-confrontational negotiation, helping keep discussions productive. The goal is to build a settlement on areas of agreement, not to perpetuate disagreement.




Mediation and Collaborative Practice are ways for you to create agreements, even where there is no dispute.

I can help you create a marital settlement agreement, a premarital agreement, a post marital agreement, a cohabitation agreement or a parenting plan.






"Dear Jennifer: I'm writing this letter to formally thank you for representing me...with your straightforward tact and sympathetic understanding you were able to ease my "scares" and concerns. I thank you for being a "friend" through it all. You displayed humor, honesty, dignity humility and compassion during this ordeal...once again my most sincerethanks, S.


"Dear Jennifer: You are a wonderful person and a terrific attorney/mediator. Without your deft skill, warm style and experienced perspective, we couldn't have made it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us during the most difficult time in our relationship. You are a gem.

Warm regards, T.

"Dear Jennifer: I just wanted to thank you for being my divorce attorney. I really felt very supported by your work, your presence and understanding. Sincerely, E

"Jennifer: Thank you so much for the spectacular job you have done for me. I'm very pleased as well as relieved.—C.


"Jennifer - Thanks again for your continued support! You are just as my friend who referred me to you had said: sharp and level-headed. You gave me more than just good legal assistance. Your concern for the children and your objective views have helped to guide me through confusing and difficult problems. You would be a good friend! —Sincerely, D.

"(From my client's spouse in a collaborative case): Jennifer: What words can I possibly use to say what is in my heart right now. Many thanks for all of your love, effort, kindness and knowledge of the law and of people's feelings and needs. You are a gift! —Sincerely, A.

"Dear Jennifer: I just wanted to let you know what was happening with J and I so you know that what you experienced with us [in the collaborative process] is lasting. J got married...This Thanksgiving all of the kids and I went and stayed at his house with J and his wife to celebrate the holiday. We are still friends and talk on a regular basis...I am finding my own way and living life.


"Thank you so much for your advice and help throughout this whole process! I feel very fortunate to have you, A., K. and N. on my mediation team! Divorce truly is a daunting, emotionally draining and often overwhelming experience, which is why the team of people helping and advising matters greatly! You have given me great comfort in knowing I am receiving excellent advice, along with compassion, kindness, and your warm support. Your sense of humor, outlook on life, fair positive friendly nature, wit and expert knowledge have been most essential to helping me feel more confident, informed and better equipped to manage the interactions with (my spouse). I have felt much greater peace of mind throughout because of you! You helped me achieve a greatly satisfying outcome and ability to live out a comfortingly secure life after divorce. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support during this very challenging time in my life! 

___Most gratefully, N.

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